How Taking a Tour Can Help with Your Vacation Budget

Budgeting for a vacation can be difficult. Things add up and there are often unforeseen expenses that you didn’t account for. You may start out with a set spend only for it to blow out unexpectedly and suddenly you are looking at an unhealthy credit card bill to go with your post-holiday blues.

Taking a tour can take some of the mystery out of your budgeting and let you get straight back to your savings plan when you get home instead of paying off a debt long after the vacation excitement has faded. Here is how.

You can set your budget

There are tours to suit every budget. You can choose to travel on a luxury tour where everything from your top level accommodation to your three course meals and accompanying drinks are included. Alternatively, you can go for a budget itinerary with fewer inclusions and less trimmings.

You can choose to have everything included so your only expense will be little extras and souvenirs, or you can have the essentials (such as accommodation and transport) pre-arranged and pre-paid, and the rest left up to you along the way. No matter which style of travel suits your interests and finances, you’ll know in advance what is included and what to set spending money aside for.

You’ll get value for money

Costs are divided among the group when you are travelling on a tour, meaning things that you would have to pay for in full when travelling independently can be much more affordable. You won’t have to pay for your own guides to showcase the highlights along the way, and instead can join a group excursion that is either included or available at an additional cost that you’ll know, and can budget for, in advance. You may also get access to experiences that just are not feasible when travelling alone, like a classical performance in a Viennese palace – talk about bang for your buck!

The division of these expenses is particularly beneficial to solo travellers who would normally find themselves paying the full rate for their hotel room or having to stay in dorm-style accommodation to split costs and save a little. On almost all tours solo travellers have the option to share with a same-sex roommate and not have to pay any compulsory single supplements, unless they choose to upgrade to private facilities.

You’ll have security

Travel can be unpredictable and unexpected hiccups may not only cause stress emotionally, but also financially. Weather events may delay your travels, roads may be closed, or perhaps the railway workers decide to strike on the day you are due to jump aboard. If you are travelling independently these things can be really problematic. You may not be able to make it to your next destination and you may need to alter your plans on the go, meaning a whole lot of hassle and out of pocket expenses that may not be reimbursable.

By travelling with a tour group there is someone there to take care of all the logistics and contingency plans should something unforeseen disrupt the itinerary. Circumstances directly impacting your tour will be handled by your tour operator, without the need for you to stress or reach for your wallet.

You can prepay in your home currency

It is difficult to predict how much your home and destination currencies will fluctuate before your trip and while you are away. Paying for as much as possible in your local currency before you travel means you won’t get stung by any wavering exchange rates, perhaps leaving you with far less foreign currency than you were expecting.

It is also important to be aware of the fees you may be charged by your bank for overseas transactions. Every bank is different, some charge a flat fee, a percentage of your transaction, and sometimes nothing at all. Being able to prepay for the tour, including most of your travel expenses and often even your tips and gratuities, means less of these associated fees. For any anticipated expenses, check the best way to access your funds overseas and make sure you advise your bank that you will be travelling to avoid having your transactions blocked or flagged as suspicious.


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