Ways to Enhance Your Work Productivity

You spend more than 8 hours of your day at work and it is understandable if you would like to make it look as cosy as possible. So how do you make sure that your office area looks decent yet cosy? Here, let me tell you how.


The lighting in your office is one of the most vital elements that will allow you to be laser-focused and inspired throughout the day. Poor lighting may cause eyestrain, fatigue and headache so it is important to make sure that you have enough light inside your office area.

Chairs and tables

You probably are spending most of your time at work sitting down. So, it is important that you invest in a comfortable chair that fits and supports your body. When choosing the right chair and desk, consider the following:

  • Your eyes should be at least 24 inches away from the monitor. The top of the monitor should be at eye level.
  • Your feet should comfortably rest on the floor.
  • A reclined chair posture can minimise the pressure on the spine which will reduce back pain.

Paint the room

Paint the room with something comforting. Blue is known to illicit productivity so you may want to choose that. Green can also relax the eyes and mind.

Room temperature

Warmer rooms enhance people’s productivity, so you may want to increase the temperature in your office. 

Allow space

Giving yourself more space to work will surely increase your productivity. You may work in your own office or you may also try the lobby if your boss permits.

If you work at home, you may consider sitting on the other side of the desk so you have a new view every now and then. A new view allows your mind to be more creative than before.

Inject a feel of nature

Open your curtains so you can have a view of the outside world. Or if your office doesn’t have a window, you can simply put pictures of nature on your desk or better yet bring in a cute little plant.

Reduce noise

Too much noise can prevent you from working at your best. If you are working with a couple of co-workers, you may want to bring in noise-cancellation headphones and turn some music on.

Storage for ideas

I know it might have happened to you. You are in the middle of a huge task and then suddenly an idea that is totally not related to the task at hand comes into your mind. Then you lose your focus. At times like this, it will be best if you have something to write that idea on. Just write it down and go back to it after you have finished the more important jobs.

Working is quite tiring, that is why it is highly recommended that you work in a place that is close to home. If you are thinking of renovating your entire office space, you may want to get in touch with a designer. Found Design Studio will be able to help you with your concerns and will certainly provide you with a creative workspace that will improve your productivity.

Image: Pixabay.com