Website Design Tips That Will Make Your Small Business More Money

The balance between expenses and profits is delicate for any size business, but balance is extremely important in the world of small business.  By definition, a small business has a more limited operation and thus less of a margin for error. 

Through the power of a well-designed website, boosting visibility and sales is a much more manageable goal to achieve.  Check out this short overview of a few helpful design tips that will boost the company’s web traffic, and ideally, boost sales, sending profits soaring.  

Improved communication between business and patrons

Communication between a business and its patrons is key to the level of success an organization obtains.  People have to feel like they can trust the business.  When a website’s design provides ample opportunity for web users to communicate with company employees, people are more likely to get exactly what they came searching to find.  

There are also fewer technical complications with the purchasing process when customers have the ability to find answers to all of their simple questions.  Like this example page, it is beneficial to offer ample contact information for web viewers.  Overall, communication makes it much easier for people to spend their money.  

Make sure the website is mobile friendly

There is no excuse for having a website that is not mobile friendly.  If web users still have to “pinch and swipe” to navigate their way around the company’s page, then the website is harming the business’s potential.  

Fifty percent of web users will utilize a company’s site less often if it is not mobile friendly, even if the business is one of their favorites.  Technology has required more of web designers since the integration of mobile internet.  

E-mail marketing is legit

A business’s email library is typically a large part of their marketing campaign.  The bigger, the better when it comes to email lists.  The key is to acquire email addresses from web users without annoying the crap out of them in the process.  Pop-ups are entirely outdated.  

The site’s design should offer users several different opportunities to opt-in to the company’s email list, but there are a few strategic places to insert the option.  The three most prominent placement options are at the top of the home page, at the bottom of every blog posting, and then again at the footer of the homepage.

Incorporate social media options
Another aspect of a website’s design that weighs heavily on user’s participation levels is the option to incorporate social media into the experience.  Make sure there is always a “share” button and the ability to link a page’s information to all of the popular social media platforms.