What Can a DUI Conviction Mean to Your Career?

A conviction for driving under the influence or impaired driving involves more than a slap on the wrist and paying a fine. Along with the immediate repercussions, the impact on your career could last for years. If you’re facing these types of charges, now is the time to contact MassTsang DUI lawyers in Toronto and mount a defence. Without it, you could end up facing some serious damage in your work life. If you need further help such as with criminal defense, always seek professional advice.

Placing Your Current Job In Jeopardy

Depending on the nature of your current position, a DUI conviction could cause your employer to wonder if you’re still a good fit for those assigned tasks. That’s especially true if your work requires access to sensitive or proprietary information or working with children. Though you may have evolved clear of a criminal check or wwcc check, before joining the job, but a DUI now is enough to change the entire status quo. There may be some questions as to whether it would be possible for someone to get that information from you. If that’s the case, you could find yourself with some new job responsibilities and less access to anything the employer considers confidential data.

A Loss of Reputation in the Business Community

If your work requires that you spend a lot of time in front of clients or working with peers throughout the industry, you can bet that the word about the DUI conviction will get around. That may cause some of your present contacts to be a little more wary about interacting with you. The result is that your formerly prominent role in the business community could be curtailed.

The conviction may also make it harder to connect with prospective clients. These days, it’s not unusual for consumers of any type to research companies and individuals before entering into any type of business relationships. If they come across evidence of the conviction, that may be all it takes to lead them into the arms of the competition.

Limiting Opportunities for Advancement

Assume that your present employer decides that the DUI conviction has no real bearing on your efficiency at work. That’s great since it means you can remain in your current position for as long as you like. Does that mean the same for any opportunities for future promotions? That’s not necessarily the case.

While your employer may feel comfortable with you remaining in the same position, promoting you to one that involves more responsibility and more access to sensitive date may be out of the question. You’ll still be able to earn a living, but opportunities to advance within the company may be stalled. If you wanted to take a different job, or work in a different country in the future, then your options would be limited. Just take a look at what countries will not let you in with a dui and then think about how that’s going to affect your career. So, on the surface, a DUI might not seem like a big thing, but it can ripple out into massive consequences for you down the road.

Difficulty Finding Another Job

While you hope that your present employer is around for a long time, what happens if the company downsizes or goes under? You could find yourself looking for work. While your resume may be impressive, expect many employers to conduct background checks before offering you a position. Even if you’re up front about the conviction, that may be all an employer needs to select someone with similar experience but without the baggage of a conviction.

The bottom line is that being convicted of driving under the influence will do nothing to further your career. A more likely scenario is that it will hold you back in some way. Avoid situations that could lead to a charge and eventual conviction. If something does happen, always secure legal counsel to help you through the ensuing events. In the best-case scenario, you will be able to contain the damage and eventually overcome the consequences to your career.