4 Reasons to Choose Silk Over Polyester for Your Corporate Scarves

If your business provides staff members with headscarves, you want to think long and hard about what kind of material to choose. There are plenty of options, but most buyers find themselves coming down to a decision between silk and polyester.

Polyester’s low price might seem attractive at first, but there are plenty of good reasons to invest in silk instead. Here are just four.

  1. Rarity

The quality of your uniforms reflects the quality of your business, so shouldn’t you pick first-rate materials? Silk is a natural material that evokes luxury across the world. In contrast, polyester is a synthetic that is usually prized more for its low price than for how it looks and feels. If there’s one thing nearly everyone knows about fabrics, it’s that silk is an eminently tasteful option.

  1. Smoother

Silk isn’t considered more luxurious than synthetic fibres simply because it’s much rarer and harder to cultivate. Silk also possesses enviable characteristics, including a smoother and softer appearance than most synthetics. Polyester doesn’t look as nice because the material is rougher. Silk strikes the perfect note.

  1. Lighter

Silk is a particularly light material. It seems to weigh next to nothing – drop a silk scarf and it floats rather than falls to the ground. Weight might not sound like an important factor, but just think about how often your staff members are going to be working hours at a time or during warmer times of year. Silk breathes, so your team won’t get sweaty. In contrast, polyester tends to stick to the skin and doesn’t breathe well.

  1. Distinctive Shimmer

Finally, silk offers that trademark shimmer that sets it out as a cut above other materials. It’s down to a triangular prism-like structure naturally present in the silk fibre. When light hits it, that light is reflected to create a distinctive shimmer. Again, it creates a more positive impression of your business.