Admiral Markets – Global investment Platform

Admiral Markets’ Global investment firms are one of the leading online trading and investment service providers. They have Admiral Markets as their trademark.

It is a client-oriented firm that provides the service with financial instruments CFDs and Forex on cryptocurrencies, bonds, indices, energies, equities, metals, commodities and stocks. They also educate and empower the clients with 24/7 engaging community, competitive trading terms, knowledge and good customer support.

On the other hand, it provides direct access to mobile trading and online Forex markets.

Trading with this firm is very transparent and clients experience high-quality software. As a result, it is the current most beneficial investing firm across the globe.

Across the globe:

Foundation of AM investing firm was laid in 2001. Since from this point of time till date AM is offering its best and quality services across the world. It is present in each and every geographical region so that it can provide intelligent support and quality service based on customers’ choice.

Licensing and Authorization:

  • Various regulatory authorities regulate the community/firm members all over the world. In the European Union, Authorities of Financial Conduct (UK) and Estonian Financial Supervision (EFSA) of Estonia grant licenses for main investment activities and also brokerage.
  • FCA holds money for various clients under the rules of FCA CASS. Admiral Markets UK Ltd and Admiral Markets AS are the sibling companies. FCA authorizes AM UK Ltd and EFSA authorizes AM AS respectively. Therefore AM AS is acknowledged publicly with quality services, outstanding reputation, high security of investments and financial stability.
  • All these authorities ensure that operations are intact with The Directive on Markets in Financial Instruments. European Parliament and Council had adopted MiFID on 1st November Investment services and activities within the European Union and European Economic Area (EEA) are regulated by MiFID.
  • MiFID governs the financial markets and increases the efficiency of the service and the competition. It offers maximum protection in the investment services that are dedicated to the consumers. It also enhances the transparency of
  • Under the control of MiFID, AM provides its services freely within the territory of the third country or any another state on the condition that the services that are provided are under the authorization of AM.
  • A fully authorized firm complying with the requirements of good conduct and transparency Europe-wide is therefore allowed for the provision of cross-border services.
  • Both AM UK Ltd and AM AS are complying with the requirements of MiFID
  • Adding to this, ASIC -Australian Securities & Investments Commission also grants license

Flexibility of Trading

Clients can deposit money in most of the national currencies to trading accounts which are automatically converted into CHF, GBP, USD and EUR or other currencies that are applicable. In addition to this, if anyone wants to protect their capital from eventual currency fluctuation, they can also have multiple accounts at the same time for trading in different currencies. This gives the clients an awesome choice to transfer funds vice versa through a comfortable internal transfer directly from the room of the trader.

Education on AM

  • The reason that AM offers various kinds of educational and knowledgeable programs which includes seminars and also webinars is to educate the clients on trading decisions. These programs are mainly designed to explain the financial opportunities that each trader can have within the national markets such as CFD and Forex and also teach investing skills. Besides these programs, AM publishes trading books and brochures in all the languages, and these are distributed globally.
  • The dedication towards this section made AM to grow constantly. Especially analytical tools that are showcased in this section are helping traders to navigate through the global financial markets.

Customer Care/Technical Support

Technical support offered by AM is in every possible way. That is via phone and online chat to assist customers of AM in both the technical matters and the organizational matters. Especially during the European office hours, mobile support and live chat are made available in a numerous number of languages.

The client can also contact AM by sending mail to support team of AM With this option Client can quickly get a comprehensive solution for the issue raised during the European business hours.

Software Platforms

  • The most functional, reliable and quality trading platforms provided by AM are MetaTrader5 and MetaTrader4
  • MetaTrader4 is one of the best CFD and Forex platforms for trading. It is also used for analyzing the financial markets. It offers wide access to advanced operations of trading in the functional, secure, fast and reliable environment. It is easy to start with by simply installing and trading.
  • MetaTrader5 comes with all the android, iOS and Mac mobiles.
  • Along with these MetaTrader, Supreme Edition enhances the trading experience for clients and customers.
  • In addition to these mobile platforms, by using the MetaTrader Web Trader client can trade from any browser irrespective different kinds of OS’.
  • For the best execution of AM, all servers are mapped immediately to all the liquidity providers. This also ensures the least delay.

Join AM

AM, the client-oriented firm that provides the service with financial instruments CFDs and Forex on cryptocurrencies, bonds, indices, energies, equities, metals, commodities and stocks works in one of the most dynamic and functional industries across the planet. Therefore AM is constantly evolving and adapting.

The firm believes to work with the best and talented people who are always looking for the emerging industries. AM looks forward to recruiting the most talented and capable professionals into the team. Any user can always find the current openings or profiles that are matched and apply for the same. As AM loves to grow fast it always encourages the skilled experts.

Terms and Conditions:

AM recommends the client to seek advice from the financial advisors to ensure that the client studies and understands the losses that are prone to occur with the CFD’s and Leveraged trading.

Reports of AM

Financial reports of AM AS and AM Group AS can be looked up in the reporting section of AM firm page.