Factors That Have Led To The Rise Of Online Casino Gaming

The gambling landscape has been transformed beyond recognition in recent years. But you only have to travel back to before 1996 to experience a completely different gambling world. Back then if you wanted to gamble you didn’t have the vast choice that you have now. There was no online gambling option so the main outlets were betting shops, arcades and traditional land-based casinos. Obviously, not all of these were everyone’s cup of tea, as they could be quite unwelcoming to those who were new to the game or didn’t go out gambling with friends in large numbers. None of these were particularly appealing options to females either and back then, gambling was even more male dominated than it is now.

The Introduction Of Online Gambling

The digital revolution of the 1990s was an opportunity that was simply too good for the gambling industry to ignore. Here was new technology that if exploited correctly, could bring gambling products to the masses courtesy of the internet. Another huge advantage was that potential punters would not even need to leave their own homes to access a huge range of games. Wisely, Microgaming designed the first computer software in 1994 that made virtual casinos a reality only two years later in 1996. What this did was introduce gamblers to the internet and virtual betting. The first online casino was mostly table game focused, but the quick introduction of virtual slots meant that punters could experience a slot that took them to a second screen bonus round, for the first time ever. The popularity of this slot fuelled a major boom in the production of video slots like Monkey Madness Slot Game, but it was also the seductive qualities of these games that became a major factor in the rise of online casino gaming.

The Popularity Of Slots Continues

Slots continue to dominate the gambling world and the demand for these games might have led to the formation of online casinos such as those mentioned in SFGATE (look for more information). Slots design houses continued to produce new games for an ever-growing market. The thirst for slots helped build the online gambling empire that still dominates today. Slots are still popular with gamblers despite giving the house the biggest edge than any other gambling games. However, it is thought that their unpredictability is part of their appeal and so is the fact that slots are gambling at its most intense and frenetic.

Convenience Gambling

The main reason why online casino games like zoome.casino are so popular is that they are extremely convenient for punters. Customers can gamble anytime and be in total control of the place they choose to gamble in. Females are especially attracted to the fact that they can gamble at home or on the go courtesy of mobile devices, and this is why 39% of online slot players are now females.

This number is expected to increase next year and it is expected to rise to 50% in the near future. Last year saw revenue from gambling increase to record levels and most of this was from online casino gaming.