Future Of Online Slots

Just 30 years ago thinking about the future of online slots was pretty much impossible, now you can click here today to play a range of the best slot games ever! The reason why? Well it’s simple, they did not even exist. Fast forward three decades and the rate of progress is truly staggering – online slots dominate the gambling market and the vast number of titles grows exponentially by the day. With an annual revenue of £3 billion in the UK alone, this is an industry that has a huge amount of money to play with. One thing is for sure; we can expect a pretty crazy level of advancement in the future.

Moreover, as time goes on many experts are anticipating a significant shift in the demographic associated with online slots. Whilst the over-40s have been the real champions of online slot gaming, more and more millennials are being sucked into the fun as a result of the evermore complex themes, bonuses and graphical content on offer. This will drive the industry to become as creative and original as it can to peak the interest of this new demographic. With the future of online slots on the horizon, quite literally anything is possible.

Virtual Reality

One of the most hotly tipped developments in online slots has to be the growth of VR. You would be forgiven for thinking that Virtual Reality was primarily aimed at the console gaming market, as well as perhaps cinema and other art entertainment industries. Well, even if this were true it did not take long for the online slot world to take notice. VR based online slots are still very much in their infancy, fast-forward a decade though and this will change massively. Imagine hitting up the slots in Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas, but from the comfort of your own living room, pretty cool right? It’s only a matter of time before it becomes reality.  

Mobile Gambling  

Another aspect of online slots that is yet to fully kick-off is the proper expansion into mobile based gambling. Mobile phones these days are more akin to a computer than a phone, it is staggering how far they have evolved in the last couple of decades and the online slot industry is poised to take full advantage of this. Expect to see a dramatic rise in mobile based online slots as developers seek to benefit from an emerging millennial market that spend far more time on their phones than they do computers.

Outrageous Narratives

Now, with games such as The Codfather or 1429 Uncharted Seas the thematic potential of online slots is obvious, but things could get so much crazier in the future. As computer programming gets more and more elaborate we could see some truly remarkable titles in the future. Some people envisage online slots that play out much like the campaign mode in some of your favourite video games. Theoretically you could play a game that synthesises the open map RPG style of games like Skyrim or Grand Theft Auto with the mechanics of online video slots. If you thought online slots couldn’t already get more addictive…