Heading for the Skies: Apps to Ease your Business Travel Headaches

Traveling for business could be necessary but it’s not always free of headaches. Businesspeople access trains, planes, and automobiles to meet clients and potential business partners. In the digital age, apps help savvy owners and reps stay ahead of the competition, or at least make traveling less stressed.


This app is like having your own secretary. All of your itineraries can be kept and organized in one place. Forward information related to flights, hotels, and car rentals and the app will catalog and make it accessible when you need it.


Enter the next generation of catching rides. Have the Uber driver grab you from the train terminal, bring you from client to client, or be sure that you have a ride home after a late night meeting. People like the idea of knowing who is going to pick them up and repeatedly dealing with the same company.

Hotel Tonight

Business plans and itineraries shift. It leaves businesspeople susceptible to hassles. In worst-case scenarios, business travelers find themselves nestled in a chair at the airport. It’s not a great way to get sleep or stay fresh to make business decisions. Get access to last-minute hotel openings and obscure inns that are otherwise hard to find online.


Business travelers are always searching for hotspots. But those who are diligent rely on their own phones as a source of Internet connection. However, using your phone as a source of Internet drains your data. Onavo tracks data usage and how your battery is using power.


Evernote is a godsend for those of us who get scatterbrained in the digital era. Jot down notes, maintain audio and video clips, or save articles that you want to read for later. What’s great is that notes are stored in the cloud, so if you’re away from your desk computer, you can continue editing the same document.

Weather Live

You can never rely on the forecasts of others. It’s best to have up-to-the-minute weather information in case you have to pivot and make other kinds of reservations. The Weather Live Free app gives you data about the temperature, winds, and precipitation all over the world. Get local weather or find out the seven-day forecast for an upcoming trip. Download it at the Google Play store.


Postgram unites traditional sentimentality with digital age convenience. Plus, it’s a classy tool for salespeople who want to say thank you or keep in touch with various clients. All you need to do is take a picture from a location, set your preferences, and you can send a physical postcard in the mail to recipients.

Around Me

When traveling, it would be great to have your bearings down regarding local restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Around Me gives you the intelligence of the locals so you can find the right kind of ambiance that suits you. Use the directions feature to ensure you get to a location free of stress and wrong turns.