How important is the Random Number Generator in Slots?

The RNG or Random number generator is a constant hot topic in the gambling industry and among punters as well. The main focus of any discussions is whether the RNG that is used to create slot spin results and other casino game results, is actually truly random.

When you consider that RNG technology is the industry gold standard and used worldwide, then this makes it vitally important to slot games and the integrity of the industry in general – check out Extrta Juicy slot.

RNG Technology: A Closer Look 

The RNG on a slot machine is absolutely vital to the workings of the slot and it is a world away from the mechanical slots that predate their digital video slot cousins. The mechanical version of slot machines that date back to the 19th century are considered to have produced truly random spins. However, from 1996 onwards, the RNG process was digitized and now it all depends on how much you trust a computer chip to be free of any kind of influencers from computer programming. Your personal views on this statement, pretty much decide your opinions on modern RNG technology. 

Why Slots Need Random Number Generators 

The sole function of the RNG is to obviously produce random number sequences and it does this constantly. Sets of numbers are literally churned out in seconds and this is done even if nobody is playing the slot. This computer microchip actually never stops creating numbers, even when the slot is being played, the numbers are being generated. 

These numbers are then translated by the games into slot spins and the results are expressed by how the symbols land on the reels. It is thought that because of the very nature of slots and the amounts of combinations that exist, the results will mostly favour the casino, even with the randomness applied. This is what is known as built in house edge and slots give the highest advantage to the casino than any other game. With such an advantage over the punter, casinos do not really need to rig any of their games or technology to turn a profit. 

·         The RNG process is translated into slot spins 

·         RNG technology is used on all video slots 

·         Random Number Generators where digitized in the 1990s 

Gaming Patterns 

Despite the reassurance from the industry that RNG technology is truly random, there are those who think this simply isn’t the case. Punters who obsessively play one particular slot for hours on end have actually reported observing patterns in slot behaviour and some can even predict when a certain symbol will drop on the reels. 

This should not be the case with true randomness, and this may occur because the industry uses Pseudo Random Number Generators and these rely on algorithms and precalculated formulas, to come up with constant number sequences. To remedy this, it is advised that 1. The industry utilizes Quantum RNG technology instead. 2 A South Korean tech company actually has this technology available, however 3. As from 2019, no gambling industry brands had taken up this alternative.