Live Casino Vs. Traditional Casinos

Casino has always been an incredibly multi-faceted industry, and whilst many people will only think of the physical place itself when casino is mentioned, it actually covers a whole lot more than just this. Indeed, casinos as we know them today have only been around since the late 1600s, but gambling as a game existed thousands of years before this – testimony to the ability to find it in all sorts of different shapes and sizes – play here.

The emergence of online play has certainly played a huge part in this in the modern world, with there being far more options to gamble without going to a traditional casino than at any other point in history. Live casino, for instance, is something that is getting increasingly popular due to advances made in live stream technology. Let’s take a deeper look at this paradigm between live and traditional casino. 

History Of Live Casino 

For such a burgeoning sector of the gambling industry, live casino has not actually been around for that long of a time relatively speaking. First finding its feet in the mid 1990s, live casino was bogged down by technological constraints in the early days, but nonetheless enjoyed almost immediate success. This was before the days of online slots, remember, so for many people live casino was the first time they could gamble without going to a traditional casino. 

The first games to incorporate a live dealer were Roulette and Blackjack, however these days you are well catered for in pretty much very department. Technology has made the whole process a lot sleeker as well, so playing live casino is actually genuinely enjoyable. 

Basics Of Live Casino 

In essence live casino blends the best bits out of traditional casinos and things like online slots, it manages to combine the practicality of one with the human aspect of the other, thereby creating an intoxicating mixture. In the majority of cases games like Roulette are played online by people all across the world, with a dealer being live streamed from a fixed location. 

You then place your bets much like you would at a traditional casino, the only difference is you can be in your pants whilst you do so!  

Perks Of Live Casino 

There are a really impressive number of perks when it comes to live casino; no wonder really when you consider its successful marriage between traditional and online casino. The main perk is the practicality factor – you really can play live casino from pretty much anywhere in the world. 

And the great thing here is that it all comes with a human edge, meaning traditional casino strategies can once again come in useful. Most online blackjack games shuffle the deck automatically after a card is picked, not the case in traditional casino. 

Negatives Of Live Casino 

As good as live casino there are also some negatives to it that you cannot ignore. In contrast to visiting a traditional casino, it can be quite easy to stumble across a dodgy site, must easier than a dodgy physical casino anyway.