Low Maintenance Business Tools To Boost Productivity

One of the best ways to increase revenue for your business without spending more money is to boost productivity. One method to accomplish this goal is by adding automation tools to your workflow. Below are six low-maintenance business tools you can use to help boost employee productivity.

Set Up Automatic Payments for All Bills

Many businesses have recurring costs billed monthly. Instead of spending an hour or two every month making sure that your bills are paid, set up automatic payments.

Many companies allow you to arrange for automatic payments, but you can also have your financial institution send a check when automatic payments are not available. This arrangement can save you much stress because you won’t have to worry that your bills weren’t paid – unless your debit card expires.

Schedule Social Media Postings With CoSchedule

CoSchedule allows you to easily manage your marketing campaigns and scheduling. You can plan, promote, and automate content promotion across your social media platforms.

This great tool can help businesses organize their content marketing efforts and boost productivity: You won’t need to have someone post content to each of your business’s social media accounts individually. Plus, you can schedule posts at the best time for promotion.

Book Appointments With ScheduleOnce

Instead of hiring additional staff to schedule appointments, you can automate the process with ScheduleOnce. With this tool, your customers can book appointments by going to your custom booking page. ScheduleOnce is a robust booking tool with SMS notifications, cancellation options, and payment-accepting abilities.

With efficient forms of technology, your staff can be more productive when they don’t have to continually answer phones or schedule appointments manually.

Manage Local SEO With Moz Local

You’ll get more business if customers can easily find your business on the internet. You can achieve this goal by signing up for Moz Local. This search engine optimization (SEO) tool can help you manage all local business listings in one location instead of updating each of your business listings individually. Individuals with multiple businesses, or with several chains will find this feature very helpful. Moz Local can save you time and money, and it can help your business gain visibility among new customers.

Store Data in a Cloud Storage Service

Cloud storage services can significantly boost the productivity of your business. These tools allow employees to collaborate on projects in real time and access their work from anywhere. There are several reputable cloud storage services to consider. Most offer a basic tier that’s free of charge, but with limited space. Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box 3 of the most popular file storage cloud services. In fact, you could work with third-party service providers who are familiar with Azure development to quickly deploy and update your data on the cloud at a lower cost because the need to invest in data center hardware or servers is eliminated. Developers devote significantly less time to maintenance and other low-profit activities and significantly more time to enhancing functionality.

For those businesses who operate in a tightly regulated industry, such as hospitals, health insurance companies, or financial institutions, cloud storage may seem risky at first. These susinesses may not always embrace the cloud due to data security concerns. To alleviate these concerns, there are cloud security technologies, such as a cloud access security broker (CASB), that can supplement the security of cloud services to ensure organizations are not putting their sensitive data at risk..

Manage Employee Performance With 15Five

The productivity and efficiency of your business is reliant on the performance of your employees. The 15Five tool can help you manage your employees by tracking their workloads. Employees can be motivated to do more efficient work when they know they are being monitored and will be held accountable for their work.

The tools above are only a few examples of resources that can help you boost business productivity. Try researching to decide which tools can work best for your business. Spending some money on productivity tools can yield substantial returns when you can save time on necessary tasks.