Online Investment of 2018: Most Promising Trends

Right now, online investment has long found a niche of its own, remaining one of the most effective ways to multiply the invested funds within the shortest time. In this article, we will have a look at the most relevant and promising areas, any investor should pay attention to in 2018.

Stock Exchange

The securities market is one of the first things many investors normally start with for many years, it has proven to be one of the most profitable in terms of potential payout. However, this might be a good choice for an experienced investor, who does not rush with their decisions and can build a well-balanced market portfolio with a predictable expected return that is not prone to unsystematic risks. In any case, despite the fact that this area may seem to be a bit “crowded”, there is still considerable potential here for those who are ready to do some research and is not expecting immediate returns.

In any case, a good solution here might be not risking your money testing your own skill, but rather relying on an experienced stock exchange broker to develop the most effective investment strategy to suit your needs in the long run. However, this might also become a challenging task and definitely requires at least some expertise before making any serious decisions. You should certainly make sure to research any broker you are working with seriously before going ahead and putting your trust in them. That being said, should something go wrong, and you end up losing money because of their wrongdoings, losses may also be recoverable due to brokers negligence or fraud, but this is not guaranteed, so is another risk you may need to weigh up before deciding to invest.


Another segment, which is currently undergoing the peak of its development is the Internet of Things, which stands for a network of physical objects that have built-in sensors, helping them to interact with each other and with the world via a single online channel. At the moment, the number of devices connected to the network has exceeded the entire population of the planet.

According to Cisco and Forbes, in the next 5-6 years, Internet of things is expected to show rapid growth, and by 2022 the industry will exceed $ 14 trillion. The greatest share of this amount is divided into two segments: mobile devices and smart grid (smart power networks). Not surprisingly, the Internet of things is of interest to many investors. In particular: Intel Capital, KPCB, Qualcomm Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz and many others continue to actively invest in this area.

Online Games

The gaming industry has long attracted investors. Today’s market is rather diverse with games, ranging from a multiplayer strategy to an online casino, and each of them with the right approach may become extremely promising.

According to recent reports, this year mobile games software only is forecasted to deliver from $55 billion to $60 billion, and increase to an impressive amount of $90 billion by 2022 if the current tendency continues. Furthermore, computer online games could bring from $20 billion to $25 billion growing steadily to $25 billion to $30 billion by 2022.

Following the growth of both online and mobile spheres winning the lion’s share of today’s gaming market, supported by high consumer interest, high-profit business models, there is a significant opportunity for investment in the strongest independent developers that growth of capital funds.