Supportive job roles within the Criminal Justice system

It can be hard to know what criminal justice consists of, who is  involved within it and the purpose of it all. Criminal justice jobs often conjure images of judges and barristers. Yet criminal justice, and the jobs that go with it, go far beyond the courts. In this article we will look at some of the roles that offer a more supportive role within the criminal justice system, than those which roles which are more focused on bringing people to justice for their actions. These roles are often just as important, as they can help offenders turn a new leaf, reduce the chance of reoffending, and make the rehabilitation side of criminal justice a success.

Firstly, probation officers are key in making sure an offender’s reentry to society is a successful one that can be sustained. While enforcing certain rules that will hopefully make it harder for an offender to fall into the habit of reoffending. It can be a hard line to walk, constantly supporting as well as enforcing, but this finding the correct balance is key to helping provide a nurturing and sustainable environment for offenders to find their feet once again in the real world.

A similar role to that of a probation officer can be found with youth offending workers too. In many cases, the stakes here are a lot higher. Due to how there is a chance to stop young people getting into habits that are not yet formed, showing them a better path than the one they are finding themselves starting on.

A substance misuse officer is also a supportive role within the criminal justice system, which is sort of similar to a probation worker. However, your role would focus a lot more on the helping side of things, than enforcement. Of course, enforcement will be necessary, such as taking regular urine samples and blood tests to see if your clients are staying clean. These types of offenders though are very different than those that might require probation workers. Yet the overall goal remain consistent, in the sense you want to help integrate people back into society, it just may be drugs rather than prison that have separated an individual from society in the first place.

Nursing jobs can be found throughout different sectors of the criminal justice system, whether as part of the probation team, or within jails, or substance misuse centres. This role is obviously a medical one, yet is still a key part of making sure the criminal justice system runs smoothly and successfully.