Upholding the Truth: 3 Reasons Your Integrity and Credibility are Important in DBA Claim Cases

A Defense Base Act claim (DBA) initially applied to people working on military bases abroad. However, it has expanded to now cover most federal contractors working outside of the United States. DBA provides benefits to employees working for defense contractors outside of the United States. DBA requires that federal government contractors and subcontractors provide workers compensation insurance for their employees who work abroad.

 Being Truthful Will Put the Odds in Your Favor

Always be honest with the judge and your attorney, about everything. If you lie or exaggerate any part of your case, you will surely lose. Its common for people to seek compensation under false pretenses. However, your credibility is made up of several variables. The most essential element of your credibility is the consistency of your claim.

Do all elements of your claim add up? These elements will include your work history, medical evidence, and your testimony. Another crucial element of your credibility is the consistency between your allegations and the medical evidence.

DBA attorneys understand the importance of credibility during your claim. Credibility consists of transparency, trustworthiness, and moral predictability. Credibility also implies a commitment to truth, fairness, and objectivity.

Your Overall Integrity Can Influence Your Approval or Denial

Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. It is also a state of being whole and undivided — so make sure you tell the whole truth. Always tell the truth about any previous injuries and your involvement in the accident. Without integrity, there is no honesty. Your honesty will determine whether you win or lose your DBA claim case.

Your attorney understands the importance of your integrity and knows what the judge will be looking for. If you are found being dishonest, you will most likely lose your case. It’s important that your testimony adds up with the medical evidence and your work history. These are things the judge will be looking for. Skilled attorneys like those at The Turley and Mara Law Firm can help coach you on how to answer questions properly.

A Lie Can Put You in Contempt of Court

The judge and your attorney will know if you aren’t being completely honest about your injury or the accident — after all, it is their job to determine these things! Your credibility and integrity are so important during a DBA claim case that even a mostly unrelated lie or half-truth could bury your case. The judge has the right to reject your case altogether if a lie is uncovered.

It’s crucial that you don’t exaggerate or lie during your statement. This will lead to a quick denial. You want the judge to see you as someone that is trustworthy. Your actions will determine whether you are approved or denied.

Your credibility and integrity are key factors in winning a DBA claim case. You should always be 100% honest with your attorney and the judge. Any false allegations will lead to an immediate denial. Establishing yourself as an honest and trustworthy person will go a long way toward helping you get DBA approval. The judge will be looking at all aspects of your case including medical evidence and your work history.